There are tons of online survey sites that pay, but getting surveys that pay cash instantly is the focus of this article.

First, you must understand that taking surveys is never a path to get rich quick. In fact, I consider it as a way to make extra income that will complement your main income. So don’t set your expectations too high so you don’t get disappointed.

Having said this, participating in surveys can be very thrilling. You do simple jobs and get paid for them. You can get a lot of genuine online survey sites but what we will be looking at in this write up is surveys that pay cash through PayPal instantly.

Top 3 online surveys that pay cash instantly


If you’ve never heard of this site before, this is a nice time to enjoy the benefits that come with it. If you are looking for online surveys that pay cash only, this one will definitely serve you well. Aside from receiving money through cash, there are other exciting ways to claim your rewards.

With GolgOpinions, you can sign up and start earning points barely 24 hours after joining. It is one of the fastest paying survey sites. So if you are in need of quick money and don’t know where to start from, visiting this website would be a good step to take.

You earn up to $5 for a survey that will take about 10 minutes and about $20 for 30 - 45 minutes surveys. In some occasions, you receive $50 for premium surveys.


This is another amazing website to earn decently and cash out instantly. MySurvey is part of LightSpeedResearch, a renowned market research company that is working for top-notch brands.

In the year 2014, this company paid out about $32 million to its members. This is just to tell you how large the company is and its authenticity. 

If you are in search of surveys that pay only cash, then use this one. The minimum amount you can withdraw from MySurvey site is $10 and they pay through gift cards and PayPal.

What makes this site amazing is that you earn points through different tasks – participating in online surveys, product testing, and diaries. It sounds great to know that you can get paid for testing products, isn’t it? So get started as soon as possible. 

PineCone Research 

Although this company comes as the last on our list of online surveys that pay money instantly, I place it high on the list. Their payment is swift and they send you survey work you are qualified for. So to be qualified for more work, make sure your profile is filled properly and update it regularly.

They pay a flat rate of $3, and just like MySurvey, you can also get products for testing and you get paid for it.

But for you to be a member of this platform, you have to come through one of their affiliates as they don’t have the signup link on their website.


If you have ever wondered if there are any surveys that pay cash instantly, this article is put together for you to clear your doubt. Trying out any of the three online survey sites above will give you a different perspective about online paid surveys. 

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