The internet has been a source of earning money in recent time and there are tons of things to do to earn money. Among all the money making programs online, one of the easiest and quickest ways is by taking paid surveys.

Get paid for surveys? Yes! You heard me well. As a matter of fact, some market research companies have paid millions of dollars to people just for taking surveys. The next question now is, how do I know sites that pay for a survey?

A site like Swagbucks is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money online through a survey. You may be aware that Swagbucks gives you the opportunity to make money, but did you know that there are other sites like Swagbucks but better money making opportunity?  You will find out as you read through.

Before listing these amazing sites, it will be nice to let you know that not all websites that claim to pay for surveys are real. Majority of them are scammers looking for ways to steal your precious time and money. So you must be very careful when searching for online paid surveys. If any site appears too good to be true, I'll advise you skip it and turn attention to the next one. 

Some sites can promise you heaven on earth to get you to do some jobs for them for free. When it's time for payment, you start hearing cock and bull stories. I wouldn't want you to waste your time on such sites and of course, I know you wouldn't as well.

With all these said, let’s dive straight to the main purpose of the article which is to reveal to you sites like Swagbucks but faster and with better-working conditions. 

Websites like Swagbucks but better, easier and faster 

The sites we about to look at now are legitimate – of course, we wouldn't even talk about them if they were contrary to what we want, and they present to you good opportunities like Swagbucks or even better. 


If you want to earn money easily from the comfort of your home, I'll recommend GoldOpinions for you. Since when that started operating, Goldopinions have paid out over $8,000,000 to its members and their mode of operation is super easy.

This market research company is similar to Swagbucks in that you can make money by doing various easy tasks online. All you have to do is to take three simple steps to cash in money – visit the website to sign up, select from hundreds of surveys daily to work on, and get paid through a wide range of options.

So how is Goldopinions similar or even better than Swagbucks? Let’s look at some reasons:

  • Goldopinions covers 100 countries which gives other people the opportunity to make money.
  • With Goldopinions, you can make cash or redeem your first reward within 24hrs of joining
  • There are high paying surveys that can earn you up to $50 per survey 
  • There are over 20 options to redeem your reward 
  • You work at your own pace


This is another market research website that runs similarly to Swagbucks. Through InboxDollars, you can earn points by taking surveys, playing games, searching the web, and lots more of online activities.

There are other amazing services offered by InboxDollars that makes it even better than Swagbucks. There are some offers that pay extremely high in InboxDollars, but these surveys come occasionally.

When it comes to reputation, InboxDollars got you covered because they have been in operation for many years now and was even featured in a show in the United States. Till date, the company has paid out well over $43 million to its members just for taking part in surveys and other related online tasks. 

So what makes InboxDollars better?

  • There are surveys you take for up to $50
  • InboxDollars have an amazing relationship with Groupon
  • Signing up is easy and fast and you can start earning immediately 
  • You accrue some bonuses when you sign up which is a good way to start.


MyPoints is one of the sites like Swagbucks where you can be rewarded for taking part in online activities such watching videos, taking surveys, downloading coupons, shopping online, booking travel reservations, taking polls daily, and referring friends. All these features give it upper hand than the Swagbucks. Just like other market research websites, MyPoints is easy and simple to join, all you need is to sign up and start making money.

You can accumulate points and exchange them with gift cards. For instance, $25 PayPal gift card is worth about 3,970 points, and $10 gift cards is worth about 1,500 points. So the more points you get from your tasks, the more money you make for yourself. Your gift cards can be used in restaurants and stores of your choice.

MyPoints has been operating since 1996 and there are so many positive testimonies about the company. So you don’t have to worry about being scammed or used by them.

The fact that MyPoints has about 59 gift cards options makes it a better choice than Swagbucks and most of the jobs on the site are easier and simpler than what you get on Swagbucks. 


MySurvey website is one of the best market research platform where you can earn some cool cash. Their minimum cash out is $10 and they pay via gift cards and PayPal.

MySurvey is a subsidiary of LightspeedResearch, a firm that researches some of the renowned brands in the world.

You can earn rewards from MySurvey by taking part in online surveys, product tests and diaries. Of course! You get rewarded for testing products.

In 2014 alone, they paid over $32 million to all their members all over the world.

I have spent over 5 years being part of the panel of this firm and my experience has been awesome. During this 5 years, so many changes have taken place, but one thing remains constant, and it's the fact that they are always prompt with the payout which is why I'm still with them till date.

I prefer MySurvey to Swagbucks because the site is not as complex as the former and the minimum withdrawal threshold for PayPal is high with Swagbucks.

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