As a business minded individual, there is always this belief that nothing comes for free. So most times when we see market research Company offering money for surveys, we often see it as a scam.

So the question is, can you really make money taking surveys? The answer is positive. Doing survey is not a free task because you invest your time and opinions into it and there are tons of world-class organizations that pay market research firms for conducting surveys for them.

There are different ways you can be rewarded when you participate in online surveys. You can get cash via PayPal, checks, or direct deposit, or it could come in form of gift cards. Another good thing about taking surveys is that on some occasions, you get free product for testing then after some days you answer some few questions about the product.

Can you really make money taking online surveys? 

Find out all that is involved in making money through online paid surveys and to see if it’s worth spending time on. 

How Online Survey Works

If you are interested in taking paid surveys, the first thing to do is register with the survey site and fill in your profile correctly. A well-detailed profile is more likely to get survey invites. 

After registration, the survey company will invite you to take part in certain surveys. This will be done by sending an email (the one you registered with) to you. You must be prompt in taking the surveys sent to you because they don't last for so long.

The questions asked in survey forms covers a wide range of subjects – from products, politics, to whatever they (market research firm) need your help on. They can do this on their own and sell the results to companies that need it or can be contacted by companies to help them carry out market research and they get huge pay for it. So you can see why they pay people for taking surveys. 

Examples of some the survey sites that are genuine and highly reputable include Swagbucks, MySurvey, PineCone, GoldOpinions, MyPoints, etc. With any of these sites or any other genuine ones, you earn points for participating in surveys. You can then exchange these points for cash (through PayPal, checks or direct deposit), or you exchange for gift cards from top brands such as Amazon, Target, Macy’s, etc. 

Is taking surveys really worth it?

Can you really make money online taking surveys or is it worth your time and effort? Yes you can but it depends on your effort. See some proofs of a checks from survey taking below:


For you to be successful in taking surveys, you need to register with more than one survey sites. This is because you don’t always get surveys from a survey site so for you to be busy taking surveys you have to have multiple survey accounts. 

You must also note that it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It is just a way to support yourself and family with extra income. 


So can you really make money taking surveys online? The answer is a “YES” but how much you make is dependent on the effort you put in.

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