Did you know that you can get paid to answer questions online? Hey! Before you start to think these questions are a form of academics where you have to crack your brain to get answers, they aren’t in any way close to that. In short, these questions can be even thrilling if you are the type that enjoys puzzles or crossword.

Online paid surveys are easy, completely flexible, and in most cases free to join. If you are older than 15 years you can make money by answering questions as long as you are willing to share your opinions. There are thousands of people working with just a laptop from the comfort of their home and all they have to do is to answer questions for money. 

Now, you have known about online paid surveys. If you are contemplating on how to go about earning from surveys, this article is for you because I’m going to show you all the necessary steps to follow to start earning. Following my guide will help you use your time efficiently when online.

I started making money online through paid surveys and ever since I have continued to participate in market research and I must tell you that the experience is worthwhile. All through this period of taking surveys, I have gathered so much experience that makes me well profit in the business. These guides are what I'm revealing to you in this article. 

Simple guide on how to answer questions online for money

The key word here is “legitimate”. Finding a survey site is never a problem because there are hundreds of them available online. The problem lies in getting the genuine ones because there are a lot of scams out there looking for ways to steal your time and money. Examples of legit survey sites include Swagbucks, Goldopinions, MySurvey, MyPoints, PineCone Research, Toluna, Vindale Research, InboxDollars, etc.

After searching for them, the next step to take is to sign up on these sites. It is advisable to sign up with more than one if you want to be engaged with surveys every single day.

  • Complete your profile

This is the part most people find boring and in the real sense, it is the crux of the whole process. A profile that is properly filled has a higher chance of getting premium surveys that pay hugely. Take this part seriously as if you are applying to land a job. It could be a pain in the ass for you but I can bet that it’s worth doing. 

  • Be smart about answering questions during screening

When submitting your profile, there are a number of questions you’ll be asked. Be smart with your response and never give answers that suggest you lack experience in certain issues or dislike some specific products.

The idea behind all this is to present yourself uniquely into different demographics. Doing this will significantly boost your chance of getting multiple invites to take part in surveys.

  • Always update your profile

The information contained in your profile determines the number of invites you get for surveys. It would be nice to add in your profile any new changes that happen in your life because it could lead to more participation. For example, you bought a house, adding this to your profile could lead to inviting in the real estate sector. 

I hope you get my point. There are other things you can add to your profile, e.g. starting an online business, marital status, investing in a smartphone, PC, etc.

  • Don't underinvest or over-invest your time

Your time is precious to you!

Some surveys tend to be time sensitive and this could take a whole lot of your time and you may not meet the dateline, thus turning into a waste of effort.

The best way to handle surveys is to complete them in just one sitting.

Again, if you are too quick to submit a survey it may be interpreted that you don’t care much about what you are doing and may lead to not getting paid for it.

So try as much as possible to balance your time and answer questions for money honestly.

  • Don’t expect to become rich with surveys

Be honest with yourself, you won't get rich by taking surveys. Yea, you can meet most of your monthly needs but don't expect to become a millionaire just by taking surveys.

Actually, the essence of a survey should be to complement your main income and you don’t have to mount pressure on yourself for this. Just enjoy yourself while you answer trivia questions for money.

  • Stick with the best paying panels

As you spend more time taking surveys you begin to gather experience in the research market industry. Now, you have known the companies that pay well and those that pay little. Remember that at the beginning of this article we talked about signing up in multiple survey sites? You can start narrowing down your list by sticking with the high-paying sites.

Focusing on these high-paying survey websites will help you maximize your profit as well as productivity.

  • Check your mailbox regularly

Don't expect to receive invite during the normal working hours only. There is no set time when you should expect an invite, they come randomly. So you must make sure to check your inbox regularly so as not to miss out of any tasks.

And did you know? Most surveys last for just 24 hours or even less. If you don’t take action on time you will forfeit that survey. I will recommend you have a separate email address to deal with all your survey work so that you don’t have to switch from one email to another.

  • You can double your earnings by referring friends 

If there is referral program on the survey site you are working, this will be a nice way to make more money. It takes virtually no time to refer your friends to the platform and you get paid for it.


If you want to make money answering questions online, following this simple guidelines will definitely help you achieve your goal.

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